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Refund and Return Policy

At Pawsome Frenchies, we have set up policies to help make your shopping experience as easy as possible, and our position is to support you if the product you receive lacks the quality we expected to provide to you.

The Refund and Returns Policy explains how we operate this support when you agree to our Terms & Conditions and make orders through us.  If you have any general questions about how Pawsome Frenchies operates, please read our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Section 1: General

This section summarizes the entire policy and makes reference to the remaining sections of the policy.

  1. Product State: We will provide a full refund for a purchased product without its shipping cost to return the product depending on the value of the product and its state (see Section 2).
  2. Special Categories: Certain products are not eligible for refunds if you decide you do not want the product any longer (see Section 3).
  3. Returns: We process eligible returns for purchased products no longer desired (see Section 4).
  4. Refunds: We process eligible refunds typically within five business days (see Section 5).
  5. Miscellaneous: Section 6 covers any remaining circumstances and scenarios in our policy.

Section 2: Product State

The product state is essentially what condition the product is in – new, used, damaged, unsatisfactory professional quality, not as described, broken, etc.  This information is helpful to know for resolving any issues with your order.

  1. In order for Pawsome Frenchies to understand the state of the product you received, we require further information from you to determine if a product is damaged, unsatisfactory professional quality, not as described, or a different state that we believe warrants a return, refund, or both as applicable.
  2. Further information may include photographs, video recordings, and statements made by the third party carrier, including any delivery confirmations.
  3. Using this further information, Pawsome Frenchies can carry out a review and determine the suitability of your request for a full refund.
  4. Depending on the product state, we may request that you do not return the product, and that we may send you a replacement product if we determine that is the appropriate resolution.

Section 3: Special Categories

Certain products create exceptions to the overall policy and are detailed in this section.

  1. Regarding returns of certain products such as beds or other items that weigh over 1kg, we request that you coordinate with us so that we are able to determine whether the product should be returned to us.

Section 4: Returns

This section describes the process for eligible returns through Pawsome Frenchies.

  1. You need to contact us before returning any items and await our confirmation as we will need to specify an appropriate return address.
  2. Except as specified in Section 3, you have up to 10 days to initiate the return of purchased products.
  3. To initiate a return, you must contact us and include:
    1. The shipment tracking information for any returns so that we may process any further operations if applicable, such as refunds.
    2. Information about the state of the product you wish to return (see Section 2 with respect to refund eligibility).
  4. Products that contain or are affected by pet hair, smells, stains, and other attributes that indicate a lack of reusability are not eligible for returns.
  5. Subject to Paragraph 1 of Section 5, you are responsible for the cost of shipping any returns.
  6. Please note returns may take up to 30 days to arrive at the agreed return address.

Section 5: Refunds

This section describes the process for eligible refunds through Frenchies.

  1. Subject to Paragraph 2 of this Section, if your address of product receipt is in the United States, and your order does not arrive within 30 days (45 days for all other countries) from the day it is recorded as shipped, then you may be eligible for a full refund.
  2. Refund eligibility may be affected in the event of any major event such as a natural disaster, state of emergency, carrier facility issues, and customs issues outside of Pawsome Frenchies’s control.
  3. You need to contact us ( and provide us confirmation of product receipt so that we may verify the shipment details prior to approving a refund.
  4. We may not provide full refunds for any items that were on sale at the time of purchase, are used, are not in the same condition as they were received, or are not in their original packaging.
  5. Subject to Paragraph 1, shipping costs are non-refundable, and such costs will be deducted from the refund to be issued to you.
  6. Additionally, if any form of the financial transaction occurs outside of this policy, such as chargebacks, we will not provide any refund for the relevant order.
  7. We will notify you once a refund is approved. If you do not receive an approved refund within five business days, please contact us for further information.

Section 6: Miscellaneous

  1. For all circumstances and scenarios not covered in Sections 1 to 5, you will need to contact us to determine whether there is any further accommodation that can be made under our policy.
  2. Our policies are strictly enforced and due to the volume of orders we process, we do not provide exceptions in order to provide our services.
  3. We may update this policy from time to time, and the policy governing your order shall be the policy in effect from the date of purchasing your order.

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